So…Your House is Boring

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Why? You aren’t! You have interests and hobbies, but maybe you don’t have time to fix up (a.k.a. decorate) your house and turn it into HOME. First, why is your house boring? Is it…

  1. functional but generic
  2. lacking architectural detail
  3. missing art and accessories
  4. empty
  5. full of furniture pushed up against the walls
  6. or just bland?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! I can help you with all of that. I believe that your house should be more than just a house. It should be a place that you look forward to being and spending time. Home means comfort, love, leaving stress outside, letting go and being yourself. Your home should reflect WHO YOU ARE.

So what to do about it. Your house has a place to sleep, cook, watch TV, do laundry, and other activities but does it look and feel like somewhere you want to be. Do you walk into a room and say, “I wish…”

Functional but Generic

Think about adding color. Scared? That’s okay. What is your favorite color? Don’t have one? Where do you like to hang out? What colors do you see there? Choose one that draws you to begin with. Paint a wall, buy pillows or a rug in that color. Window treatments too. See, already you’ve perked up.

Lacking Architectural Detail

Buy some crown molding and install it. It isn’t expensive and it gives you something to look at while you daydream. It’s easy to install and you can invite friends over to help. House party? Instantly less boring.

Missing Art and Accessories

Please don’t go out and buy art just because you saw it in a magazine. Find what speaks to you. Who cares if someone else doesn’t like it. They don’t live in your house. The same goes for accessories. Just because you see it in all the stores, doesn’t mean it should be in your house. Unless you love it. Use things that have meaning to you. If you don’t like the color, spray paint is a quick fix.


Get some furniture. People like to have somewhere to sit when they visit you. And while they’re there, they need a place to set down their margarita. Make a list of what you need. It doesn’t have to be long. If you can’t afford it right now, fill a corner with a large plant. They’re interesting and clean the air.

Furniture Pushed Against the Walls

Bowling alleys don’t belong in your house. This makes it hard to have meaningful conversations if you have to raise your voice across a space. Pull it in. Your home will feel so much more cozy and inviting. Always have a plan. if coming up with a space plan is hard for you, call me.

This is what I do. Visit my website and see if my design aesthetic is a fit. it’ll be fun, I promise. Plus, you won’t get bored and your house will be a home.


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