Don’t be Afraid of Color

One of my friends asked me to help her decorate her home. She was always working and she didn’t have time to think about it, but she wanted a change. The other problem she had was a fear of color. She liked color, but she was afraid to pick one so everything in her house was brown.

When you are choosing colors for your home, it can be intimidating and you may be tempted to give up. Don’t! Remember the last time you went to buy paint and you saw all the colors and said “How am I going to choose?” So you bought white? You’re not alone. Lots of people stick with white or beige because they don’t want to get stuck with a color they don’t like.

Since color choice is so personal and there is so much of it in one space, it can be a challenge to choose one. Color can be the first and lasting impression a guest has of your home. That’s why I provide help for you by doing color consultations and providing you with your own color palette as one of my interior decorating services here and here.

I use color in my own home. I know, you’re saying, “But you’re a decorator, you aren’t afraid of color.” Well, that may be true, but I bet you didn’t know that my walls have been mostly a pale gray because I like so many colors that choosing one has been hard. But not that hard. It’s just paint and I can change it any time I feel like painting.

My Living Room Wall and Ceiling
My Living Room Wall and Ceiling

Here’s how I chose the colors for my living room and dining room. They aren’t finished yet so you only get to see part of it. You’ll have to come back to see the rest later.

Tip: Leave the walls white if you want and paint the ceiling a color. Nice change and it’s only one “wall.”

This is a picture that inspired me. A friend gave this to me a long time ago and I still love it. I want to go there! The water is so blue and I love the color combinations. My house happens to be a Spanish style home with stucco inside and out. Trust me, the stucco inside sucks. I have to paint some rooms by hand with a brush because the texture is so thick!


I don’t even mind if you decide you like these colors so much you want to use them. I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint and Primer in One for the walls. I love this paint because it covers so well. The color is Renoir Bisque PPU4-14 in eggshell. For the ceiling, I used Valspar 4000 flat interior latex paint and had them color match this swatch: Tranquility CI183.

Renoir Bisque PPU4-14 from Home Depot
Tranquility CI183 from Lowes

As you can see, I tend to choose what I like and not what others tell me I should like. I will be happy with this combination for a long time because it is based on my preferences. That is exactly how I determine color for you. I base the choices on what you prefer because you and/or your family live in your house, not anyone else.

The more I look at these colors the more I like them. This is because I chose them based on how the images I love made me feel and I brought that feeling into my home. Fall in love with your home again. Don’t wait!

I know this can be a little scary so if you know that you want a change but don’t know what color you want for a room, think about hiring me for a color consultation. We don’t even have to live near each other. I can work with you online or through email. Isn’t technology great?

Your story begins at home. Each room is another page that tells who you are. What does your home say about you? Let’s get together and write the definitive guide to you at, or (956) 970-2040.

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