Why The Heck Does Everyone Start Talking About Christmas So Early?

Every year it seems that Christmas talk starts a little earlier. Why is that? Are people that greedy? Not exactly.

©2014 Diva by Design. All Rights Reserved
©2014 Diva by Design. All Rights Reserved

I used to work in retail and starting in July we would begin receiving Christmas decorations. Forget about Halloween and Thanksgiving. I noticed the other day that there are hardly any Fall decorations in the stores anymore. Everything is Christmas, or if (unlike me!) you’re totally PC, ‘The Holiday.’ (spoken in an ominous tone)

The reason is simple. It all ties back to what I wrote in my blog posts, Do You Have a Decorating Plan? Part One and Part Two. Planning ahead. If you wait until closer to the holiday of your choice, 1) there will be nothing left in the stores to decorate with and 2) your stress level will go up because you are having a hard time finding what you want. It’s why I created my Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday mood boards in the first place.

I was thinking about home decorating plans and realized that a plan for your holiday decorating is also a good idea. Especially if you will be hosting the festivities at your house this year. I also read complaints from some of my social media friends about waiting until after Thanksgiving to talk about Christmas. I wish I could do that. If you want to hire someone to do your holiday decorating for you (like me) I have to put myself out there now so that you know about my service and I can put you on my schedule before it gets too full.

Shameless plug for my Holiday Mood Boards  + Shopping lists
Shameless plug for my Holiday Mood Boards + Shopping lists

Since I work in a very visual field and everything I design for your home has to planned out way ahead of time so that everything comes together just right, I realized that holidays are the same way. Who doesn’t love seeing all the beautiful decorations set up so perfectly in their home?

Someone had to take the time to place everything just so. They also had to go shopping for the things they used and since not everyone has the time to do all of that I decided to do it for you. So don’t be upset when you see Holiday stuff everywhere. They planned ahead. WAY ahead!

In fact, when you see the interior decorating magazines around this time of year and they have these beautiful glittering covers with Halloween, Thanksgiving and/or Christmas decorations, realize that those pictures are from last year’s holidays. They may have even done the set up in January of this year so that the pics would be ready for print a month or two before they send out the magazines.

Are you ready?

Feeling stuck or unsure how to go about transforming your space? Head on over to Diva by Design and let’s get started on your room transformation today! And, hey! Show me some love by leaving a comment and letting me know you were here today.

© Diva by Design 2014. All Rights Reserved



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