Orange You Glad It’s Fall?


As you know, this time of year in many places the leaves on the trees change color. Not where I live in South Texas, but in places that have more than the two seasons we do. Our seasons are Summer and Not Summer. But November is really nice outdoor weather. In the autumn we start to see many home interior decorating items that are orange or rust.

fall leaves

Orange is as stimulating a color as red, but not as demanding on your senses. It makes us think of pumpkins, oranges, fire and fall leaves. Muted shades of orange are very popular to use in fall decorating, but don’t be afraid to use it year-round. The brighter version of the hue can make a statement in any room in your home.

In the Western world, orange is:

  • cheerfulness
  • stimulation
  • sunset
  • excitement

In Feng Shui, orange is:

  • communication
Caramel colored leather Barcelona Chairs
Caramel colored leather Barcelona chairs

Orange is a color of change from fall to winter and it demands attention. If the color orange scares you, use copper or darker shades of orange that are easier on the eye and feel less like Halloween like the chairs above. Bright orange is more of a summer or spring color. It is mentally stimulating and using it in your living areas can rev up the energy and get conversations going. Combine orange with cream or use a turquoise blue for contrast.


Orange and green are a tropical combination. Pink and orange can be very psychedelic so if you like them together consider using the two colors in their paler versions. Gray and orange look very modern. Paired with browns, your room will feel earthy and warm.

If red (How to Use Red in Your Home Decorating) is too demanding on your senses, I fully recommend substituting orange!

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Shameless plug for my Holiday Mood Boards  + Shopping lists
Shameless plug for my Holiday Mood Boards + Shopping lists

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