Can Yellow Help You Find Your Keys?

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Yellow. Who likes yellow? Some do, some don’t. It isn’t my favorite. The color yellow can be demanding, warm, lively or luxurious. It is the most difficult color for the eye to see and it takes on the hues of other colors that are near it. Good reason to choose carefully what shade you are going to use.

Sunlight and Warmth
Sunlight and Warmth

Yellow is sunlight and warmth, enlightenment and communication, it stimulates learning and the intellect. It is also used to describe cowardice and deceit.

A sunny yellow color paired with white cabinets is very popular for kitchens. When I was a child, my mom painted my bedroom a lemon yellow. It’s the only wall color I remember from childhood except for the burnt orange kitchen wall. Can you tell by the names of the colors what decade it was?

Leaf fall

Yellow is another color that demands attention, but this one doesn’t overpower like red and is less in your face than orange. It’s why so many businesses use it in their signs. It catches the eye.

Mustard yellow is very French Country. Gray walls are very popular right now and yellow is a beautiful accent to go with it. I showed you that in my post, You’re Not Stuck With Ugly Interior Design (Unless You Want to Be). Yellow also looks good with black (if you’re a bee).


Yellow is a cheerful and vibrant color and comes in a wide range of shades and tints. Use it for the walls or for a bright accent in your accessories. Yellow is a primary color and very versatile.

Contemporary lounge sofa interior

Be careful using too much yellow because studies have shown that it can make people lose their tempers more often. Or, maybe using more yellow in your home will help you remember where you left those darn keys!

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