Twelve Days of Christmas Decorating – Day Three

Day Three

“On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, three French hens…..”

I’m going out on a limb here, but my guess is that this lyric refers to chickens from France. Ha! I’m also guessing that chicken was a popular dish back in the day as well. I don’t really have any decorating ideas using chickens because everything I have ever seen in the stores has been kind of cheesy. That’s the diva coming out in me.

many chickens on the farm

If you like them, by all means decorate with them! It’s just not my personal taste. So instead of finding chicken decorations, I’ll just show you how I decorated my front porch for Christmas. I believe in decorating for real life and my front door and porch definitely reflects that!

My Front porch
My Front porch

I try and try to keep it nice, but my four dogs and three kids just won’t cooperate. These pics are the cleanest it has been in a while. Cleaning it up took longer than the actual decorating did. I live on five acres with horses, goats, sheep, dogs, a bunny and a cat. So it gets dirty around here which drives me nuts.

Adding Greenery
Adding Greenery

I love these things. I found them at Marshall’s and bought them without knowing what I was going to do with them. They are a perfect fit for these urns and look pretty good with the cuttings from my cedar tree.


Real-life decorating. Changing the feel and not just the look of a space can change your whole perspective on life. Clearing the clutter physically is a good way to clear your mind and even your soul. Interior decorating is sometimes much more than just the look of a space. How you treat your home shows how you feel inside. I want to help you make those positive changes in the spaces where you live and work so that you have a place where you want to be and you feel happy in that place.

Feeling stuck or unsure how to go about transforming your space? Head on over to Diva by Design and let’s get started on your home transformation today! And, hey! Show me some love by leaving a comment or sharing my post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, even Pinterest!

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