New Year, New You, New Decor

It's time to make a positive change
It’s time to make a positive change

When is the best time to start your design plan? Well, now is good. Once you have your plan in place, it will be so much easier to follow through on the decorating. Are you ready to make a change? Then decide to do it and put on a pot of coffee, get out your pen and some paper, and start. Right now.

Have you made a New Year’s resolution yet? This can be your start. Write this down: “I am ready for a change in my life. That change starts right now.”

I don’t typically make them, but I thought I might this year. Mine is to move my laundry room out of my house. For some reason, the people that built it put the laundry room in a small closet in the middle of my home. If you have the same set up, then you know the problems that come with that.

Like the water heater bottom rusting out and flooding the hall, or the dryer vent heating up the whole house. My worst problem is the dryer vent runs under my closet and in the winter, the combination of heat and humidity causes mold. I took care of that by putting in a bathroom light fixture/fan combo and fixing the cracks in the masonry walls. It helps, but we are going to build a laundry room/mud room so we can move all of it to an outside wall.

Get started planning your new design/life
Get started planning your new design/life

I am beginning this process by making my design plan. I will be sharing a little bit here on my blog, but the majority of what I do will be a part of my Design Planning for Real Life 2015 series. What can be more appropriate than a real life design plan put into action that you can use as an example to begin your own? You can sign up here to get that delivered straight into your email inbox. I will only be offering the series free once, so sign up now. The series starts on Monday, January 5.

So that is my resolution. What’s yours?

Messiest Room Contest 2015

Don’t forget to enter the Messiest Room Contest 2015. your room doesn’t really have to be that messy at all. I will be choosing the winner at random, so please enter because I look forward to talking one-on-one with the lucky winner!

How do you enter?

  1. Go to and enter your email address.
  2. I will add your email address to my Pinterest board “Messiest Room Contest 2015″ and send you an email so that you can add your picture to the board. (Don’t forget to write a description on why your room is the messiest)

If you are already on my email list, your email address  has already been added to the board and you can click on the link above to add your photo.

That’s it! The contest will end on Wednesday, January 7 at midnight CST. I will announce the winner here on my blog and if you are the lucky one, you will also get an email with instructions on how to claim your prize. Make sure to share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter too!


Design Planning for Real Life (1)

My gift to you, just go here or to my website  and sign up for it. You will automatically receive the lessons in your email inbox starting January 5. Let your DIY and decorating enthusiast friends know about it as well. It is a free series and anyone can join the fun!

Feeling stuck or unsure how to go about transforming your space? Head on over to Diva by Design and let’s get started decorating your home for real life today! And, hey! Show me some love by leaving a comment or sharing my post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, even Pinterest!

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