5 Ways Your Home Office Décor is Holding You Back

On Monday, in my post You Are How You Decorate, I showed you a picture of a home office that looked empty, messy, and uninspiring. This one….

Not my office!
Not my office!

I bet you didn’t know that having an office that looks like this can hold you back in business and in life. There are five ways that this happens. Sound crazy? You don’t believe that interior decorating can change your life and/or business? Let me show you the ways.

1. Your office is messy and disorganized

When your office is a mess you have a  hard time finding the things you need. You spend too much time searching through piles of stuff. Time that could be better spent working on your business. The mess also causes you to feel overwhelmed and maybe even depressed. Your surroundings have an impact on your mood and that translates directly to your ability to be productive.

2. You have unfinished projects

All the clutter in your space is frustrating physically and spiritually. It causes your focus to be on everything else but getting your work done. You feel jittery or even depressed. Your mind feels fuzzy and the energy you had in the beginning has drained away. So you procrastinate and lose money because you aren’t getting things done.

3. Your home office is full of things you don’t use

Everyone sees your office as a good place to store the things that they (and you) don’t use anymore because all the other rooms and the garage are full. Forget that you work there. It’s empty space and convenient. These things have a home and it isn’t in your office. They represent the old you and your old life. You see them every time you walk in and the past is right in your face and blocking your future.

4. You have too many things

Maybe your office is more crowded than the one in the picture above. You have so much stuff you can’t easily move around or get to your desk. You have to move things around or climb over them to reach your desk and you just don’t want to be there anymore. You have insulated yourself from the world and you no longer have the drive you once had.

5. Your space is full of things you just don’t like anymore

The negative feelings that come up when you look at something that is associated with a bad experience don’t belong in your work space. You need to clear out your office and make room for the positive feelings and energy that is missing right now. Get rid of those things that make you feel bad. Replace them with something beautiful that lifts your mood.

Just because you need a space to work and think doesn’t mean it has to be utilitarian in nature. It can be beautiful and inspiring as well. I took that image above and completely redesigned the space to provide the inspiration and positivity that it lacked.

Inspiration and storage
Inspiration and storage


In this image, I took away the Venetian blinds and opened up the window to see the view outside. I took away the carpet and added wood floors. It’s hard to keep large furniture standing up straight on carpet. You have to fix it to the wall so it won’t lean forward. No more clutter because I provided storage drawers for filing and a home for all the things you need on a daily basis. I also added a comfy chair and a lamp for reading.


Useful and pretty!
Useful and pretty!

The folding tables as a desk had to go. Frankly, they’re ugly and I hate them. I changed the chair too. The feel of the office is no longer bare and uninviting. The art on the walls is so much more interesting to look at than white walls. It provides inspiration as well and can be changed easily when you want. A pretty desk light and some flowers will brighten your day too. I want to sit at this desk! What about you?

Also, the desk is now in the ‘Command’ position. You have your back to the wall and you can survey every area in the room and no one can sneak up behind you while you’re working. The placement of the desk itself gives you a much more positive and secure feeling. And there are drawers to put your stuff in when you’re done for the day.


Seating (or nap) area
Seating (or nap) area

Across from the desk, I placed a sofa with sconces for more lighting and a mirror. Make sure to hang the mirror high enough that it doesn’t reflect the desktop, but just the art gallery wall behind it. In feng shui, the mirror symbolically doubles whatever it reflects. So don’t make more busy work for yourself. The mirror also serves to bring in more light and you would be able to see the art behind you without having to turn around. Plus, the sofa means you can have visitors or take break and nap!

More inspiration
More inspiration

The entrance to the room I tried to keep open for the easy flow of traffic and energy. The closet to the left is for thing you don’t necessarily need all the time, but is there when you do. You could also replace the console table with more filing cabinets if needed.

The difference between how the two space make you feel is also the difference in how you work. One is drab and bare. It has nothing to offer your soul. The other is warm, inviting and provides inspiration. You have to work, now make your space one that you want to work in!

I had fun designing this office and it is even more fun when I am designing for and with you. If you’re feeling stuck or unsure about how to transform your space, head on over to Diva by Design and let’s get started decorating your home for real life today! And, hey! Show me some love by leaving a comment or sharing my post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, even Pinterest!

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