Is Your Interior Decorating Intentional or Junk Sale?

Eclectic Style1


The word “eclectic” is one of the most over-used terms in interior design. I stopped watching HGTV because 1) their timelines are unrealistic and people who want their homes decorated are surprised when it takes months to do one room, and 2) because it seems that every designer there does “eclectic” interiors. Really?

Just because you have mixed furniture from different periods, doesn’t mean you are eclectic. Eclectic does mean mixing different decorating styles, but in a thoughtful and considered way. Your décor should be intentional, not junk sale.

Eclecticism takes imagination, daring, and practice. Having a common theme helps. Always find the one item that is unexpected. If most of your things are Mid-century Modern, find a beautiful, ornate antique that you can feature in your space. Keep your choices simple and stick to mostly one style. Then, add that piece that is surprising and people will say how creative you are.

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Interior Decorating Intentional or Junk Sale?

    1. Thanks, April. Yes, you see designers on HGTV doing ‘eclectic’ rooms all the time. Or so they say. Sometimes I think they just don’t know what the decorating styles are and they used things from stores and from yard sales so they call it eclectic. But this decorating style is more than just throwing a bunch of different things together and calling it a room. It needs to be more considered or it looks odd. keeping with a theme like furniture with straight lines, or using the same shape in fabrics or accessories (like circles) will make the look more cohesive and less scattered.

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