Create a Design File That Will Knock Your Decorator’s Socks Off!

When you work with an interior decorator, they have many things at the ready to make your project a success. Not the least of which is a Style File, or Design file. Many of your decorator’s ideas are still in her head when she works on your project. But, she will also have a Style File that she can refer to when needed to make your space work perfectly for you.

You can make your own if you like. I have written about this in my Design Planning for Real Life 2015 series that is going on right now. You can click the title above to sign up for the series right now.

Some of the things that go into a decorator’s Style File might be different from yours. If you like, you can always add these for a more complete picture of what you want in your room. In your interior decorator’s file she is going to have:

  • A floor plan – For every decorator, a floor plan of your space that is drawn to scale. Within this floor plan, she has notes of all the dimensions of your furniture, the locations of your fireplace, outlets,windows, and doorways. Your floor plan needs to have every detail noted to make it simpler to plan where everything will go.

Floor Plan

  • Paint swatches – These must be in the file! Color is the most difficult element to remember. You will have an idea of a color in your head, but you (and I) will never remember it exactly. Plus, you take it with you when shopping for furniture or fabric. Your mind plays tricks on you with color. You might think that the piece you just found matches exactly but when you get it home it’s a little bit off, or a lot off.


  • Fabric samples – Get samples of your fabric from your current furniture and curtains. You will want it when shopping. Remember, color is hard to get right when it’s in your head!

Yellow Fabric

  • Photo inspirations – Pull pictures from magazines, print them from the internet, and wherever else you find inspiration. These are images of the things you love and help define your design personality. It is good to have them at hand when you come across something special and you want to see if it will go with your room.

cartoline turismo collage

  • Tape measure – A decorator’s most valuable tool! And yours. You need to know the dimensions of everything! You can’t just guess-ti-mate because we all know what happens when you assume. Know your space and if the new items will fit.

tape measure

Keep everything together because this will help you create the room of your dreams.

If you’re feeling stuck or unsure about how to transform your space, head on over to Diva by Design and let’s get started decorating your home for happiness today! And, hey! Show me some love by leaving a comment or sharing my post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, even Pinterest!

You can still sign up for my Design Planning for Real Life 2015 series on my website for more details on how to design happiness into your own home. And it’s free!

Copyright© 2015 Christina Rodriguez. All rights reserved.


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