What to Expect From a Paint Color Consultation

The most common decorating dilemma that  clients call me about is how to choose paint colors for their house. Do you ever feel like you might be choosing the wrong colors? You aren’t alone. In my paint color consultations they ask questions like, “How do I combine colors?” and “Are these colors in style right now?”

Here’s one way I help you decide on paint colors. I don’t typically decide the colors for you and then say “Here you go. Paint this color.” I involve you in the process because you need to be happy in your own home and color is very personal. I find out from you what colors you love the most.

If you just want what’s “in style”, it’s easier for you to just find a picture from a current magazine and look in the resource section to find the paint color and manufacturer. I prefer to find what colors make you feel good. You have a decorating personality all your own and that should guide your paint color decisions.

Say you happen to love this tile flooring from Home Depot:


Rainbow Teakwood Sandstone Tile from Home Depot
Rainbow Teakwood Sandstone Tile from Home Depot

I think this would be beautiful in an entryway, mudroom, or a kitchen. It definitely makes an impact. But now you have to choose paint colors that will show off the flooring without competing for attention or causing a sensory overload.

You can go neutral with gray:


All paints today are from Sherwin Williams. The white is Alabaster SW7008 and I would use it in a satin finish on the trim. For the ceiling, this Alpaca SW7022 would be pretty in a flat finish. The walls are next in Mega Greige SW7031 in an eggshell finish. And last, because I think black doors are elegant, Black Bean SW 6006.

Another option is to go neutral with brown:


Starting with on the right, for the trim, Antique White SW6119 (satin). The ceiling is  Navajo White SW6126 (flat) and the walls are Nomadic Desert SW6107 (eggshell). I kept the Black Bean SW6006 (satin) for the doors.

But if you prefer color, you can do this:

Trim in Simple White SW7021 (satin). Ceiling in Icicle SW6238 (flat). Walls in Upward SW6239 or Aleutian SW6241 (eggshell) depending on how much color you want. If you prefer white doors, paint them with the same color as the trim for a more traditional look.


There are many color combinations you could find just using this one tile for inspiration. Narrowing down a color palette always depends on you and what you love.


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