Do’s and Don’ts of Using Leopard Print in Your Home Decorating



It’s official! Leopard print is in (again). Actually it’s one print that never goes out of style. It has been included in home decorating for as long as I can remember and even longer. Probably as long as there have been leopards, or homes. What is the fascination with leopard print?

Leopards are beautiful animals and animal skins have been used as coverings for people and furniture probably as long as Adam and Eve leaving the Garden of Eden. What started out as a necessity has turned into an obsession. Luckily for leopards, technology is such that we can imitate their spots rather than use the real thing. Having said that, leopard and other animal prints can be overused. This is one time that a little of a good thing IS good.

I love leopard print. A fact that is probably obvious since it is in my logo and because I jokingly call it a color. I even used it as a ribbon accent on my Christmas tree. It can be used as a textural print or a neutral depending on your design personality. Here’s a list to help you decide how much to use in your space:


DO use leopard print in your rooms.

DON’T use it on everything in sight. It can get tacky if overused.

DO choose your leopard prints wisely. Keep them as close to nature as possible for a classic look.

leopard sofa

DON’T layer your leopard with more leopard.

DO balance the print with neutrals in any color.

DON’T mix leopard print and lace. Yuck!

leopard pantha

DO use muted gray or even lavender leopard print.

DON’T color block your leopard print.

DO be subtle or go completely graphic.

leopard graphic


DON’T mix your animal prints.


leopard mix


DON’T use leopard prints in glittery, shiny, or stretchy materials.


leopard ugly

And last of all, DON”T DO THIS!

leopard toilet


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