A Little Diva Glam for Your Home Decor

Now that I’ve given you pointers on how and how not to use leopard print in your home decorating, (Do’s and Don’ts of Using Leopard Print in Your Home Decorating) I found an article in the April 2015 issue of House and Home that might interest you. Here are a few ideas from More or Less by Jennifer Koper than just the animal print to glam up your home and make you feel like a Hollywood starlet. (You’ll have to get the magazine to see her examples)

1. Warm metals – Not the in your face shine of past trends, but the warmer glow of sand cast or wire-brushed aluminum or brass. One way to add it is in your lighting fixtures. What about this one to make you feel like a celebrity?

Your own personal spotlight
Your own personal spotlight

2. Animal print  – You knew it was going to be in the list didn’t you? Every diva needs a little bit somewhere in their décor, and one of the simplest ways to glam up a room without changing everything at once is a throw pillow. Finding these in your favorite animal print will add instant animal attraction.

Ingrid Pillow from Joss and Main
Ingrid Pillow from Joss and Main


3. Gold and black – It’s been around lately in women’s fashion and now you can add it to your home. Keep it simple and classic with a side table. Again, keep the metals warm for a serene, yet luxe appeal instead of highly polished shine.


black+gold side table, Diva by Design, hollywood glam home decorating style
Benjamin Black Glass Gold End Table from Lamps Plus


4. Grass-cloth wallpaper – If you want to go bigger than just a few accessories why not try wallpaper? While naturally colored grass-cloth is a classic in fine interiors, up the wow factor in your space with a beautiful color.


Aqua Colored Grass Cloth Wallpaper
Aqua Colored Grass Cloth Wallpaper


Keep your background classic and tailored for an elegant look while you are living out your own glamorous life story.

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Copyright© 2015 Christina Rodriguez. All rights reserved.


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