The First Thing You Should Do for a Successful Home Office Design

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You are an entrepreneur and you need to find space for a home office. It’s critical that your home office fuels your desire for success in your chosen business. One of the biggest problems that stay-at-home-moms who also run a business have is privacy.  A space that is dedicated specifically for business and nothing else might be on your to-do list, but you just haven’t gotten around to setting it up.


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Before you even think about where to find this space, here’s the first thing that you need to do:

Make a list of what tasks you need to perform in this space.

Think this step isn’t important? Believe me it is! You need to know exactly what you will be doing in this office space before you start setting up so that you don’t have to spend valuable money-making time reworking your home office space later.

Here are some examples of what tasks you might perform in your home office:

  • phone calls
  • computer and internet use
  • writing a blog, letters and/or documents
  • packaging and shipping
  • faxing
  • receiving deliveries
  • book-keeping and data entry
  • invoicing and filing
  • visits from clients or prospective customers

When you make your list, be sure to write down each task in order of importance. This will help you when you begin to design your space.


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