The Second Thing You MUST Do For a Successful Home Office Design

On Monday, I told about making a list of everything you will be doing in your office in The First Thing You Should Do For a Successful Home Office Design. Today, we will talk about what tools you will need to perform those tasks. This is another list building exercise. I know, who knew that designing your office would involve so many lists?

Trust me, if you plan ahead, you will end up with the perfect office to suit you and your business needs. Your business will run much more smoothly and you can get out at the end of the day for that much needed margarita!

So, what do you need in your office? For starters, a desk, a chair, and a lamp. Duh!



This is not my desk  or lamp, but my office chair looks exactly like this one and I love it!

Next on the list is your computer equipment such as:

  • a computer 😉
  • printer or all-in-one
  • tablet
  • router
  • modem
  • phone
  • separate computer back-up system for your files (that you actually use to back-up your files!) I say this because part of the services that I provide with a complete office design is to set up your computer equipment so it is ready to go and protected. But you have to maintain that protection once we leave. One of our clients bought a back-up system for their computer and told his employee to put it in with their server. That’s exactly what the employee did. Put it in the room NEXT to the computer. Yes, they lost all of their data.



Next, you need to think about where you are going to store all your important papers, samples, products, etc. So you will need:

  • filing cabinets
  • storage containers
  • shelving



And last, but not least, your office supplies, reference books, and packing, shipping, and mailing supplies. Plan ahead for where you are going to keep all of these things so they are near at hand and so that you have space dedicated for them.


Yes, I have the gold stapler! What kind of diva would I be without something shiny and gold in my office? On Monday, I will share with you some more things you need to consider before you set up your home office for success.


Your soul has a color. Let’s find out what it is….

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