The Downton Abbey Guide to Color

In searching for color palette ideas for your home, I thought I might share some from one of my

favorite shows. Downton Abbey. The show is popular not only for it’s dramatic storyline, but also for the beautiful interiors of Highclere Castle where it is filmed. Now you can have a bit of the English manor in your home through color.

Here is an image of the impressive façade of Highclere Castle and some colors inspired by it:


All of the colors mentioned are from the Benjamin Moore Affinity Colors Collection. You don’t have to use all of these colors in your paint. For example, Pashmina would make a good wall color with Refined as the ceiling color. Your floors could be something similar to Coriander seed with Schooner and Tranquil Blue in your fabrics and accessories.

You could even do the opposite with Tranquil Blue as your wall color and Pashmina for the ceiling. Refined could be the molding and trim with Coriander seed as your base fabric color and Schooner for your accents.

This next inspiration moves inside the castle to the drawing room:


Green and a lighter version of Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala, are the colors inspired by this room. Not sure why this one turned out so blurry, but the colors are, from left to right, Windchime, Seedling, Tea Room, Morrel, and Harmony. Please don’t paint your walls with Tea Room. I will never forgive you! (Just kidding, sort of) Use it as an accent color because I don’t think it will be around that long and it will be easier to change.

Seedling would be a pretty wall color with Windchime on the ceilings and Harmony as the trim. This is a more feminine color palette than the first.

In this bedroom are the yellows:



Again, I’m not sure why the images are coming out so blurry today. I will fix them soon, but in the meantime you get the general idea. I like the Anjou Pear for the walls with Frappe for the trim and ceiling. A painted furniture piece in Thicket, such as a bedside table would be pretty. Dark hardwood floors in a color similar to barista and fabrics or accents in Turmeric to finish off the palette.

Lastly, is this bedroom in blue:



And yet, another blurry picture of a bedroom from Downton Abbey! Ugh. Anyway, I love the combination of denim blue and saddle brown and you get that with this color combination. In this picture, the ceiling would be Frostine, the walls similar to Serenata, and the carpeting would be Urban Nature. The wood of the furniture is the Masada and the Montpelier blue would come in as accents.

Just some color ideas inspired by Downton Abbey for you to think about using in your home.


Your soul has a color. Let’s find out what it is….

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