Patriotic Inspired Interior Design

Last Monday, I was inspired to create a sunroom vignette based on the patriotic image I posted. Many times, we forget how many we have lost fighting for our freedom, and I just wanted to show how you could take that feeling from an image and translate it into interior design for your home.

Patriotic Design

If you have a small room in your home, or a closed in porch or sunroom that you aren’t sure what to do with, try decorating with our flag in mind. The navy and white polka dot loveseat can stand in for the stars on the flag. And the red throw for the stripes. Who says you have to be literal?

Want something to cover the floor? Try this ivory and taupe striped indoor/outdoor rug. If you really want a pop, it comes in red and white stripes too. And, don’t forget the stars! A sunburst mirror is a classic.

I found two choices of end table for you. One is rustic and the other refined. You can choose one or the other or use both! I like the combination and the not so ‘matchy’ look. I did, however choose two of the same lamp. I love the gold and the sleek metal, geometric shape against the rounded wood of the tables.

The flag pillow and canvas print are unique ways to show off the symbol of our great country.

If you would like the information on these products, I have this mood board with shopping list available on my website.

Your soul has a color. Let’s find out what it is….

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