How to Update Your Home Accessories For Summer


I didn’t picture it, but the chevron pattern is EVERYWHERE! I happen to love it, but I am tired of seeing it. Chevron is wonderful if used in the right circumstance. It is a very popular pattern in Feng Shui when you are activating the Fire element area in your home or business. The zig-zag triangular shape evokes the flames and adds even more energy in the South. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your particular situation.

I have been seeing more and more of this pattern online in the DIY blogs and I have seen it in abundance on HGTV. (Don’t get me started on that!) It seems that it is the pattern du jour and vendors are putting it on everything. Need a clear storage box for your home? Why not add some chevron to it? Or what about measuring spoons for your kitchen? Even better with chevron patterned handles!

Please do not tell me if you have a chevron patterned toilet seat! Remember my post on leopard print here? A little of a good thing goes a long way. I think the craze is on the way out.

Here’s what you can do if chevron isn’t your thing, but you still want to update your space for summer:

Repurpose what you already have. Yes, even if it is covered in chevron. Take all of your accessories and gather them in one area in your home. Your dining room table or even your kitchen counters will work for this. Just schedule a block of time to do this. Group your accessories in “like” categories. If you only buy things that you love, you will see patterns emerge.

I’ll give you an example: I don’t collect any particular thing, but I have found over the years that I acquire sea shells. Mostly because we tend to go to the beach a lot in the summer since it’s so close. South Padre here we come! The perfect summer accessory for your home. They need little upkeep and they always look great whether you fill a jar, vase, or basket with them. If you have enough, you can create vignettes on a bookshelf in one room. Sea shells bring nature inside your home which never seems to go out of style.

Bookshelf vignette by Diva by Design
Bookshelf vignette by Diva by Design

I also find that I am drawn to gold. Not the shiny, in your face gold of years past, but the mellow sheen of an antique finish. Those are just two examples of things that I have lying around my house that I have had for years that are also “in” style right now. Ahead of my time, right?

Everything I have pictured above are things I have had for a year or more. I usually do what I am writing about today. Move things around from room to room when I get tired of looking at them where they currently sit. It’s simple and saves money too.

You don’t have to have the same kind of things that I do to create a new look in your home using what you already own. Just change your things around from one room to another keeping a theme in mind. This is also a good way to find out exactly what your design style is. All those little things that you pick up along the way say a lot about you and what you are drawn to.

Using what you have in new and creative ways will not only update your design look, but you will discover more about yourself and what’s in your heart. Your home will reflect more of you and your friends will notice the change. Your things will look new to you and maybe you will find room for something new while you’re at it!

And if you need ideas for summer decorating, have a look at my Patriotic E-design Vignette. Have fun decorating and adding your personality into your home!

Your soul has a color. Let’s find out what it is….

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