Four Places To Get Deals On Outdoor Furniture (#4 Might Surprise You)

So it’s summer. The kids are home and if you’re like me, so is your husband. (Feeling sorry for me yet?) If you’re looking for a good summer activity, why not clean up and design your outdoor space? Kids are really good helpers and they will be able to tell everyone that visits that they helped. I even take mine on installation days for my design projects. Best workers I’ve ever hired.


Once your space is ready, you will need something to sit on and if you don’t already have a set of furniture, here are a few places where you can score good deals:

1. Garage and yard sales: Right now is the best time to go because it seems that everyone waits for warm weather to get rid of their stuff they no longer use. You can find whole sets or even just odds and ends that would look great in your backyard for a steal. Sometimes they need a little fixing up, but a can of spray paint usually comes to the rescue.


2. Estate sales: Similar to garage sales, estate sales are usually held inside when someone is moving or selling things they won’t use from family members who passed. Sounds a little morbid, right? I have been going to estate sales here and I can tell you that you find some really nice things that have been well taken care of for a lot less. And the best part? If it’s still there on the second day, it’s usually 50% off the marked price.

3. Craigslist: People forget about this one. I don’t know why. I got a great vintage upholstered rocking chair for $25 off Craigslist. It’s my chair, but everyone at my house (including the cat) keeps sitting in it. I have to kick them all out when I want to sit down. Don’t just look through once and give up. People list things on a daily basis and if you don’t see anything today, keep checking and call as soon as you see something you like. They don’t always remember to take down their listing when they sell.


4. Surprise! Sam’s Club: Costco too. I actually bought my aluminum table and chair set from Sam’s many years ago. At the time, I paid $600 for a large table with four chairs, a small bistro table with two swivel/rocking chairs, and an umbrella stand. Sounds a little expensive, but I’ve had it for about 10 years and if you divide $600 by 10, so far it has cost me $60 per year. And it’s still in great shape though I do need to sand it down and repaint by now. They usually get good quality stuff and give their members great deals that you won’t see anywhere else.

Get out there and look! Who knows what you’ll find. And when you do find something great, send me a picture. I’ll put it in a blog post later this summer.

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