Uncover These 5 Hidden Office Color Secrets That Will Transform Your Business

Whether you follow Feng Shui principles or not, color has a way of affecting our senses and emotions like nothing else. It’s one of the reasons that so many people ask for help when choosing color for their home. Why not take the same care when choosing color for the walls of your office? It affects you whether you are at home or at work and if you work from home, even better. You can choose that wall color that best suits you and transform your business with these tips.

First, before you even think about painting your walls, you need to clean your office. Get rid of the clutter. File your important papers. Empty your  wastebasket daily. You want to create a space that is as stress-free as possible and the quickest way to do that is to clear it.

Now that everything is in order, let’s talk about color. There is no “best” color for your office. It all depends on you and  your needs according to your personality and the type of business you run or work in. Having said that, here are some of the best colors to choose for your office walls. Yellow, purple, blue, and brown.

Yellow:   Yellow is an earth tone and it symbolizes control. Yellow promotes patience and wisdom, and it stimulates mental energy. Choose yellow, tan, or off-white. Yellow is a good color if you are in sales or marketing. Starting with the top left going clockwise, the colors are Lemon Meringue, Crème Fraiche, Butter, and Light Yellow. All colors mentioned are from the Benjamn Moore Color Preview Collection.




Purple: Lavender is purple hue that promotes calm, determination, clarity, imagination, and creativity. It’s a good wall color for media, technology, or marketing companies. Top left going clockwise the colors are Wild Orchid, Lavender Lipstick, Pale Iris, and Raspberry Ice.




Blue: Blue is a water color. It attracts prosperity, soothes the mind, and relieves tension. Blue is a good wall color for deadline oriented offices such as, press rooms or payroll. Medical and dental offices should use blue as well. Top left going clockwise the colors are Covington Blue, Wythe Blue, Caribbean Azure, and Marine Blue.




Brown: Brown is the Wood element. Just like the image of trees, brown stimulates stability and strengthens decision making skills. It would be a good color for any business that deals with other people’s money.




The colors I have in my office are a pale aqua for the walls (soothing, prosperity), white for my desk and trim (focus and balance), and gold (metal, clarity).


Your soul has a color. Let’s find out what it is….

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