Vintage Painted Furniture and Other Fun Stuff from Diva by Design

Whew! I am finally back from being out if town so I can now share with you the pics of my booth from my first Market Days in Harlingen, Texas. I like decorating homes using vintage and flea market finds. It adds so much personality and history to a home. You can find all kinds of things at Market Days.

With only two weeks until the next one, I will be busy, busy, busy getting more furniture ready. Not so much fun now that the temperature is staying around 95° every day and my workspace isn’t air-conditioned!

Here is the view from the front of my booth:


The urns with the oyster “topiary” were very popular. Too bad they weren’t for sale, but they belong on my front porch at home. I tried to set up my booth to be inviting and easy to move around for customers. Most other booths had a table set up in the front and the vendors would sit behind it and read a book.

I like to be a bit more friendly and talk to everyone who comes in. It definitely makes the day go by faster and people seem to like it. We were busy all day. My husband said I had it looking like a Kirkland’s. Which I will take as a compliment since I used to work there a million years ago and I learned lots about merchandising home décor items there.


I loved being right next to the plant vendor. The green foliage makes such a nice backdrop for the items I have for sale. Most everything I have come from estate sales and yard sales, so it is all second-hand and vintage. I only buy what I love and I got lots of compliments. I even had repeat buyers that same day!



The pictures are all from first thing in the morning before people started showing up. I had two hours to set up my booth and I was done in a little over an hour. I even got to eat breakfast before it got busy.


The day went by quickly and now I get to go do more shopping for the next round. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Your soul has a color. Let’s find out what it is….

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