Do You Make These Decorating Mistakes?

Or… Top 10 Ways to Fail at Decorating Your Home

Number 1:   Choose your paint color first. Ask your decorator, ask ANY decorator. Ask me. Why shouldn’t I pick a paint color first? I need to paint the room first! No. You do not. You need to choose your major pieces of furniture first. (See #3 before you do this) The colors of your furniture, fabrics, and art will make it much easier to choose a paint color for your room. And your colors don’t have to match exactly, they do have to “go” together.

Top ten interior decorating don'ts from Diva by Design

Number 2:   Choose your paint color at the paint store. Really? I have to explain this one? Those lovely, tiny swatches of color that call for your attention will just frustrate you. And don’t ask the salesperson what color “everyone” is buying to paint their homes. They don’t know you or your home. They don’t know what undertones the colors of your furniture and fabrics have or what shade of green, gray, blue, yellow, etc., will work in your house. They also don’t know how the light moves in your home throughout the day and they aren’t coming over to find out. They just want to sell paint. Call a decorator. Call me. A paint color consultation will save you money in the long run.

Number 3:   Buy matching furniture sets. Kill me now. You know you’ve done it. Don’t lie. You went to the furniture store and the salesperson talked you into an entire room of furniture for $1995. First, it’s going to fall apart in a year or two. Second, sucker. Now your living room looks like a cookie-cutter catalog picture and your neighbor has the exact same set in a different color. Boring!

Number 4:   Buy too much furniture. Or take every piece of furniture that your friends and family offer you and use it. In the same room. You can say no. Especially if you don’t like it. Keep some open space in your home. It will feel lighter and more airy. There will also be less to clean.

How not to decorate your home from Diva by Design
Bedroom with green bed linen and wooden wardrobe

Number 5:   Use a catalog picture as the basis for your interior design. Hmmm…if you’ve done this, we need to talk. Catalogs are set up to sell specific items. Not as examples of good interior design. The focus is on the product they are selling and everything else is to give a general idea of how it might look in a generic home setting. Not your home.

Number 6:   Follow the trends. Just because something is popular all over the internet blogs and websites doesn’t mean it is right for your home. If it is something that is popular again and feels timeless, go for it. Otherwise, leave it at the store. You really don’t need 20 chevron stripe storage containers for your kitchen, bathroom, hall closet, laundry room…you get the idea.

Number 7:   Area rugs that are too small. That 4’x6′ area rug has been luring you in for a while now. But guess what? It is too small for your living room. It’s going to sit in the middle of the room like an island in the middle of the ocean. Unless your room is 8’x10′. Then you can buy it. Save your money until you can afford the 8’x10′ version of the same rug. Then set the legs of your furniture seating arrangement on it. Your space is now more pulled together.

Interior Decorating Mistakes from Diva by Design

Number 8:   Hang your art too high on the wall. If you have to use a ladder to hang your art, it’s too high. Eye level is not above your head and your beautiful art shouldn’t be either. If you are creating a gallery wall, the first piece that you hang should be at eye level (or 60″). This means that your eye finds the top third of the picture with out you having to move your neck to see it. You can hang pieces above it, but if it is a “one-off” make it part of a furniture arrangement by hanging it no more than 6″ above the table or sofa.

Number 9:   Keep everything neutral. The quickest way to put your company to sleep? No color in the room. All whites, taupes, grays everywhere. You’ve got to add a color or two in the room for interest or punctuation. It doesn’t have to be a lot or even bright color. Just make sure to distribute it evenly around the space so that your eye has somewhere to focus.

Number 10:   Cover every surface with accessories. I know you have spent lots of time and money collecting every elephant figure known to man. I love elephants too. Just not everywhere. It’s too busy. Now you can’t rest because there is too much going on. Leave some empty space around your things. Store half of your collection now and display the rest. In a few months, switch them out. People will think you redecorated and want to know about it.

Leave a comment below and tell me about how you’ve fixed any or all of these “decorating fails” in your home.

The only drama going on in your home should be in the design. Call me

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