Stylish Interior Decorating Tips & a Mood Board

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything. I went on a mini vacation and then I took another break to give my brain a rest. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with an idea that interests me enough to be able to write an entire post about. And that’s even though I tend to keep them short! Sometimes you just need to rest.

I’ve been working on building up my inventory for Market Days which has filled my days and recently, an interior design group that I am part of on Facebook had a mood board contest. That was fun. I thought that I would share my entry with you here today. I didn’t win, but I got some nice comments about my board.

So here goes:

Modern Love by Christina Rodriguez of Diva by Design Interiors


A mood board like this is something you could expect to receive as part of one of my E-design packages here. It all depends on your personal style. I happen to love mixing Mid-Century Modern furniture with Traditional. Most likely because it’s what I grew up with. Plus, I love the mix of color that’s a little bit different from what everyone else is doing.

Creating a space where you can live and feel comfortable means that you use what YOU love. Maybe even using what you have in new and different ways. I love Redesign. A mood board can help you easily see where your things would best be placed for comfort, style, and function.

In this board, I left out the window treatments on purpose. Sometimes you just don’t need them. If there’s a privacy issue, I would suggest column drapes in the teal color similar to the sofa.

My inspiration for the color story here was the fun chandelier I found online.


I love these colors! The teal on the sofa, the brass in the lamps, the brown for the coffee table, and a mix of all in the area rug. Of course, I threw in the leopard print pillow because who doesn’t need a little animal print in their space?

The area rug reflects the colors from the chandelier and brings it down to floor level. I kept the big-ticket items like the sofa and the chairs a solid color because they are harder to change on a regular basis. Things like throw pillows, art, accessories, and area rugs are easier to afford when you want to change-up your decor.

Jaipur Rugs Fusion FN03 Area Rug
Jaipur Rugs Fusion FN03 Area Rug

The metals are all in a warm brass color to go with the chandelier. Plus, they just have a more aged patina with a sheen instead of a high shine that would make a room feel outdated fairly quickly. Lamps are some of my favorite things and these are beautiful and simple.

Arteriors Walker Lamp
Arteriors Walker Lamp


And this side table makes me happy. I love these small accent tables so that everyone has a place to set a drink down without having to stretch across to the coffee table or twist an arm awkwardly to put their drink behind them. You can move them around easily like my family does when we watch movies. Gotta be comfortable!

Bliss Studio Z Accent Table Gold from Layla Grayce
Bliss Studio Z Accent Table Gold from Layla Grayce

These are some of my favorite pieces from this mood board. Leave a comment and let me know what you like. Or you can tell me what you would like to read about next. Knowing what you are interested in helps me decide what to write about. If you don’t tell me, I go with whatever interests me. Let me know!




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