Don’t Give in to Paint Color Overwhelm!

It seems to me that most of you are looking for help choosing paint colors for your home. One of the things that is making it hard for you to choose is the wide variety of colors available from the paint manufacturers. I get it. Pictured below is my Benjamin Moore Color Preview kit. This is just one of the lines of paint colors that they have available. And that is just one of the paint companies. It can be overwhelming. I hear that word a lot from clients.


Your time is valuable and picking paint colors can take up quite a bit of that time. That’s where I come in. Helping you pare down the choices to a few that you really love is my job. Helping you find what you love is also my job because sometimes you just don’t know or you don’t know what to call it. Your style that is.

Sample Paint Color Palette
Sample Paint Color Palette


Here’s part of a paint palette that I helped a client with just last week. She knew what colors she liked, but wasn’t sure which hues to pick for her walls. To really get a handle on her preference for color, we looked at her art collection. She told which colors in the paintings that she was drawn to and we started from there.

You can see that the colors also go very well with the fall color inspiration photo. I didn’t have permission to post pictures of her art collection so I found an image that would substitute well. You can choose art, an area rug, fabrics that you love, or even favorite clothes from your closet as a basis for the color palette for your home. Make sure that the colors you choose “go” with your existing furniture if you aren’t buying new. Otherwise, you still won’t be happy with your choices.

And if you are still stuck, I can help you here in Harlingen, or even online through Skype. Click here to see how we can work together to create a home that is unique to you.


Your soul has a color. Let’s find out what it is….
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