20 Fun Facts About Color

At this time of year, nature’s colors start changing from green, to red, to brown.  I love color, and one of my most popular interior design services is the Paint Color Consultation. Color can be scary. That’s why so many people give up and use neutrals in their home. It feels like the safer option. If you chose neutrals because you’re scared of choosing the wrong color, think about working with me. I can help you find the colors that are right for you. In the meantime, here are 20 interesting and fun facts about color.


Facts about color by Diva by Design harlingen


  1. Colors affect your depth perception – warm and light colors appear closer and cool and darker colors appear to be farther away.
  2. Men and women see the color red differently. Women see the differences in hue and men tend to only see red. This is tied to the X chromosome, of which, women have two and men have one.
  3. Wearing bright colors will help you make a better impression in a job interview. But please choose only one.
  4. The most common favorite color in the world is – blue.
  5. The color “mummy brown” used to be made from ground up mummified remains.
  6. Color affects your mood. What that mood is, depends on the color.
  7. Red makes you hungry and green suppresses hunger.
  8. In some cultures, blue and green are considered to be the same color.
  9. Color exists in our brains.
  10. Silver cars are in less accidents because the color can be seen most clearly at all times of the day or at twilight.
  11. The color wheel was invented by Sir Isaac Newton.
  12. Scientists say that black is the absence of all color and white is a mixture of all colors. Painters disagree and say the opposite is true.
  13. Owls are the only birds that can see the color blue.
  14. Before the 1950’s, Santa was shown wearing a green suit. Coca-Cola changed it to red in their advertising.
  15. Yellow is the most difficult color for our eyes to process.
  16. Only nobility were allowed to wear the color orange during the Elizabethan period in England.
  17. Medical suture thread is dyed indigo because white thread looks like nerves and ths color keeps doctors from cutting the wrong thing.
  18. The “Forbidden City” in Beijing is actually the “Purple Forbidden City” in reference to a hidden purple area in heaven.
  19. Most people won’t buy a large appliance for their home if it doesn’t come in the color they want.
  20. The red pigment in fall leaves serves almost the same function as sunscreen on human skin.


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