What’s So Great About E-design?

Sample E-design Mood Board from Diva by Design Interiors
Sample E-design Mood Board from Diva by Design Interiors

What is E-design?

Interior design services are a luxury. They can be very expensive, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Enter E-design. Or you can call it Virtual Design, Online Design, or even Remote Design. This is an inexpensive alternative to hiring an interior designer for full service design. Those of us designers who offer e-design services take just as much care with the design of your space as we do with our full service clients. We just don’t execute the design. You do.

You get the same attention to detail, the same design skills and expertise, and the same personalized decor as full design. But I don’t come to your house. We do everything through email. That means you can work with me even though we may not live near each other! AND, you get to have all the fun of re-creating my design yourself and on your own timeline.


Why Choose E-design?

You are in control of how long it takes to finish your room. Once you receive all your e-design materials, you can begin. Or you can wait until you are ready. It all depends on you and you decide whether or not to buy the pieces I have added to your design as-is, or use it as inspiration and find something else. Your choice! I promise not to be offended if you change something. After all, it’s your house and you need to be comfortable in it.

Another reason to choose e-design over traditional interior design is your personal comfort level. Not everyone likes to have a person come to their house and look closely at their space. It can be intimidating. Plus, you feel like you have to clean every time they are going to show up. You don’t have to schedule any appointments, and you don’t have to make sure you can be there during working hours.

The affordability. You don’t have to have a huge budget. Plus, you can space out your purchases and not have to spend your whole budget all at once. You are getting the educated expertise of a professional interior designer in a way that works with your budget. I do all the designing and work to create a personalized space that you will love coming home to and that’s it! You don’t have to pay for the time it would take for me to order, take delivery, and execute the design.

How Does it Work?

  1. Decide what you need help with: floor plans, accessorizing, paint and finish colors, or an entirely new room design.
  2. Choose one of my design packages that fits your budget and needs, click the payment button and you will then have a link to my Interior Design Questionnaire.
  3. Fill out the questionnaire with as much information as you can think of (one word answers are too short!). Email the answers along with photos of your space, measurements, and inspiration pictures on a Pinterest or Houzz board.
  4. I will look over everything and then send an email to schedule a Skype chat or phone call to go over your information to make sure I have everything I need.
  5. Sit back, relax, and wait for your personalized design to arrive! (It takes about 2-3 weeks for a full e-design to be completed.)

What is on the Interior Design Questionnaire?

You will answer questions about your color likes and dislikes. Also, there will be lifestyle questions. What you like to do in your free time and things like that. I ask about your family and who lives in the home (including pets). What design styles you like and more. It may sound like a lot, but these are the same questions I ask in my in-home design consultations. I need to get to know as much about you as possible so that your finished e-design looks like you and not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all design.

Untitled design (1)

What Do I Get?

Would it help if I said, “That depends.” ? Just kidding! What it does depend on is the package you choose. I have three.

The first is called, “Frazzled to Dazzled” and it includes solutions to design dilemmas. Such as:

  • a new floor plan for your existing furniture
  • where to place accessories for a designer look
  • or even choosing paint, fabric and flooring to go with what you already own
You decide which one dilemma you need help with the most. You can find the cost for this package on my website here. I also provide this service as an in-home consultation if you live near me (South Texas, Rio Grande Valley).
The second e-design package I offer is called, “Dazed to Amazed”  This one is for those who want a new look but don’t want to buy everything new. It includes:
  • A custom Mood Board – this is a visual representation of how everything will feel when it all comes together (including pieces you already own)
  • A Space Plan – a scale drawing of where to place the furniture from your Mood Board
  • An itemized Shopping List – All items will include clickable links to order online or will be sourced from your favorite local shops that have online catalogs.
  • One Mood Board and Shopping List revision

All delivered to you in a .pdf file by email. Prices vary by room size.

And third, I offer a full, top-to-bottom, brand-new-everything design of your space. This package is called, “Stuck to Starstruck“. It includes:

  • Fully Custom Storyboard – like a mood board, but has everything from paint, furniture, window treatments, lighting, flooring to accessories
  • Detailed space plan that includes furniture placement and lighting
  • Elevations that give you an overall picture of what your room is intended to look like including accessory placement and window treatments
  • Custom “Trade-only” items to give you a personalized space that even your best friend doesn’t have
  • Itemized Shopping List – All items except “Trade-only” will have clickable links to order online or sourced from local shops with online catalogs, and a list of “Trade-only” items that can be purchased through me.
  • A Design re-cap that describes the choices I made and why with instructions on how, why, and where items should be placed
  • One Storyboard and Shopping List revision. Elevation revisions are extra. All revisions will be delivered in a .pdf file by email.
All delivered to you by snail mail packaged in a personalized book that you can flip through and take with you when you go to purchase local items. Prices vary by room size and number of revisions requested. One revision is included.

Do I Have to Tell You My Budget?

It may seem like a strange question, but yes, I do need to know what your budget for furniture and finishes will be. It gives me a realistic picture of what can be accomplished in your space. Don’t think that you can get a full room design on a $5000 budget. It isn’t realistic because of the cost of good design. If you want things that last, it will cost more than that. On the other hand, if you only need a few furniture items and accessories to finish out your space, that might be a good starting budget.


I’m Christina Rodriguez and I am the face behind Diva by Design Interiors. You can read more about Diva by Design here. I like to get feedback (comments) on my blog posts because when you comment or ask questions, it gives me an idea of what you’re interested in reading about. It’s a great way for me to get an idea of what to write about next. I’d love to know who my readers are and what projects you are thinking about starting (or finishing) in your own home. So I would appreciate it if you would take the time to introduce yourself in the comments! Thanks!
Copyright© 2015 Christina Rodriguez. All rights reserved.



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    1. Thank you, Terri! My hope was that it helps explain e-design simply and clearly so people can make an informed choice when it comes to the options available when decorating their homes

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